Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Transfers happen every six weeks, on the week before transfers all of the missionaries within reasonable distance of Tokyo are able to attend the temple.  This sets their Prep day back one day causing sleepless nights for those at home who are not sure what is going on and so they stay up waiting for an email that will arrive 24 hours later than expected.  Now we know.  Presuming we can count (some times I'm not convinced that I can) we will not have this problem when the next temple trip and transfers alter the schedule.  By my calculations that should be April 15th/16th so I will not be staying up all night on the 15th of April expecting an email and photographs, and you all should not be surprised by the post not showing up until sometime on Tuesday the 17th of April. M'k?

Well, now that we've got that all cleared up, lets get to the good stuff!
Elder Mosdell says that the sweaters were great, but now it's warming up too much to wear them. At least he has them for next winter.  He also said the week was a blur because they were crazy busy. 
Here's a quick summary of the week starting from the 28th of February and moving forward:

Tuesday (28th) - got lost on the way to a home teaching appointment but managed to get there and it went well.  After teaching, the member that they were with took them to a ramen shop "which was AWESOME even though it was boiling lava hot when I tried to eat it.  I need to work on my 'slurping technique' according to Brother F.  (yes, slurping IS the way you eat ramen... I guess it cools it down as you eat it?) Either way it was SUPER good and there was a LOT of it, the bowl was over a foot in diameter!" 

Wednesday (29th) - "Eikaiwa (English class) was unusually small due to the terrible rainstorm we had *ew*."  Apparently they had intended to play shuffle board but because there weren't enough people they'll have to play another time.
Thursday (1st) - they had "Minizone!"  (I'm assuming that is some kind of partial zone meeting.  I know, brilliant deduction.  Aren't I clever?) It lasted the first half of the day and was a lot of fun consisting of workshops taught by various people, an interview with President Albrect, and a large cookie from Sister Albrect. "yum" He also received his new tags and his "business cards".

Friday (2nd) - They visited an inactive Spanish speaking family with someone who speaks Spanish. Not much happened there, but then they went to Co Co's Curry for a meal.  Apparently it was "pretty good, but SUPER spicy! :) Yum"

 Saturday (3rd) - they "went to the Inage Chiba church for SMCC (no clue what it stands for really...) It's mostly for the wards and their mission leaders"  They then went to a cooking class but only managed to be there for enough time to get food samples and invite people to Eikaiwa.  And then they met the father of a part member family that they have been talking with.  Apparently the wife "looks alot like my Aunt Jen to me..."

Sunday (4th) - they had dinner with a member family who had waited most of the week to celebrate a grandchild's 6th birthday with the missionaries! They had sushi which apparently "isn't always rolled!  In fact, most often it's not!"  He says he's still getting used to seafood, its good, just different.

Monday (5th) - "_______'s birthday! We stopped by and dropped off 10 'Black Thunders' (a cheap treat) and a prayer rock we made for his 10th birthday!"

Tuesday (6th) - "Temple was AMAZING!!! Oh my gosh! So pretty!"  They are still working on the spire so Jeff didn't take many pics of the temple, but "I got one of me in front of the sign".  Then they visited the sister who looks like Aunt Jen and "found out it's her birthday tomorrow.  We plan to visit again tomorrow, and possibly bring her and her family a few home baked cookies (thank you mom) if I can get the time to make them"

Well, that was quite the email, and some really great photographs!  I'm amazed that he's been in Japan for five weeks. In some ways it seems so much longer than that and in others it doesn't seem any where near that long. 

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