Monday, March 19, 2012

Post Earth Quake Report

Elder Mosdell said "The earthquake was just really shaky and kind of longish.  We were getting ready to stand up and grab a few things and walk out of the building when it stopped.  Nothing bad happened though."  He also said not to worry, the mission home will keep us up to date if something does happen.  Of course we already knew that.

Current top of the things Jeff wishes we would send him are chunky peanut butter, chocolate, and toothpaste (because "the stuff here is kind of weird").  He also misses cheesecake, but I'm not sure how we could send him any of that.

We asked if he knows what they will be doing for the up coming general conference.  He said "I don't really know how General Conference works... but I guess it comes like a week or two late to Japan?  They translate it and go over it before they release it here, so it takes some time.  Weather I'll watch it live in English here or not I'm not sure though."

Some highlights for the past week:

Tuesday - Jeff was told that his Japanese is really improving, Sister Y really liked the cookies that Jeff made for her, and she's decided to stop smoking.

Wednesday - they had "White Day" and the earthquakes (apparently there were some smaller ones too).

Thursday - they were able to meet the new zone which Jeff says was really fun.

Friday - Jeff''s bike got a flat tire and he had to walk one hour back to the apartment.  The tire had three holes in it and Jeff was really glad that it didn't rain that day.  They also went to visit some investigators but no one was home.  Long story short the couple had moved.

The lovely chunk of metal that put 3 holes in Jeff's bike tire
Saturday -  They gave the sister from the baptism story a root beer which she thought tasted very much like a medicine that the Japanese gargle with to avoid getting a sore throat.  It rained a lot, but Jeff got his bike fixed so at least they weren't on foot.

Sunday - They "housed" (I assume that means went door to door) in the rain and amazingly enough they ran into the couple that they had tried to visit on Friday, but found that they had moved.

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