Sunday, September 8, 2013

9/9/2013: @_@ wait... how many weeks!?!?

Hey howdy!

This week nothing too new happened. I got to go on splits with the new elder (Elder Scott) in my district, and that was AWESOME! I love new missionaries. :) In some ways I wish I was training one last time before I finished my mission, but I'm happy being the "5" the Lord needs me to be here in Yokosuka. Elder Scott is a great missionary, He loves to go and share the gospel with people. His Japanese is also awesome! Granted he's half Japanese but still, I was very impressed. We had a great day of walking down the coast of Tokyo Bay and talking with people while they were fishing. We met a lot of interesting people, sadly none of which wanted to hear our message, at least not yet. We made several friends, and did our best to try and serve the people, even if it was just by picking up trash as we went along. I really enjoyed having a good full day of finding, it reminded me of being a new missionary and working with Elder Welch.

Nagaii Family: Dad's ship is back and thus he's working all the time again (I just found out yesterday that he's an O6 for those of you who know what that means @_@ I had no idea he was so high up there). With him being gone to work, Mom's sprained ankle, and their son's knee, we've not been able to get a time to go over and visit. We're hoping to maybe go on Tuesday, and bring the ward mission leader or one of the bishopric members with us. Mom has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy (she's not supposed to be up and moving around, so she has a lot of reading time). I gave the family a list of like 15 different scriptures that talk about hope, faith, and Christ. She's read all of them and then some. She loves the Book of Mormon, because it's helping her to make it through all of the trials she has right now. I'm so happy to hear that she's been applying the Book of Mormon and has such a great testimony of it. I haven't had a chance to follow up with Dad about it yet, but I have a feeling he's not had a lot of time. Hopefully he's found some time though.

Bridger: He finally answered his phone! He's been busy with school and always misses our calls, but he said he'd come to church yesterday. Sadly he didn't and we haven't been able to contact him since we called on Saturday, but it's good to know that he's not ignoring us. :) Hopefully we'll catch him in a couple days again for a lesson.

Step Mom: She still progressing at a slow rate, but slow is better than not at all! We have the Book of Mormon stories book that we're thinking about giving her as well to help her understand some more of the things in the Book of Mormon. We're planning another lesson this week, hopefully with Brother and Sister Tanaka who live not too far away. I think having a Japanese member there instead of an American that speaks Japanese will really be good for her. Not that there's anything wrong with the members who have been coming, but I do think that a Japanese mom will relate better to a Japanese mom... plus they speak fluently. :D

I think that's all I've got for this week. Elder Nakayama and I are still struggling to work together a bit, but as time goes on I think we're both giving in a little bit and starting to be more unified on things. I'm trying to find ways to serve and help him, I've found that makes things a lot easier for both of us.

I got another couple of the " post-mission and Marriage" talks this week. >.< It's like these members think that I've only got 6 weeks left or something... I have at least 10 :P

I've got a package ready to send and will be sending it off hopefully this week, I still had to finish writing the slips for it yesterday and thus couldn't hand it off at church. Once it gets to it's destination there'll be some new photos and such to look at. :)

Much love,

Elder Jeff Mosdell

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