Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25/13: The last P-day in September already?!? Where does the time go...

Well, this week has been interesting again...

*sigh* I could rant all day about my feelings this past week, but it's probably better that I don't. Here are some good things that have come out of this last week:

With the "extra time" I've had in the apartment, I've been able to study and ponder ways for me to become a better more Christ-like person. I've also had enough time to get through over half of Jesus the Christ (I'm somewhere just before the end of his public ministry). Jesus the Christ has really helped me develop a more personal relation with the savior. Before I didn't really have a connection with him. He was just a name associated with a lot of miracles and establishing the church, along with creating the world and this thing called "the atonement" that supposedly cleanses the repentant of their sins. I've believed all of these things to be true for a long time, but my believe and faith was based off of results I'd seen, "Judging them by their fruits" as it were. However I've come to understand how real the savior of the world truly is. It's not just some story, but rather a real account. Christ DID live, and he WAS resurrected. Now that I have such a strong understanding of that, I understand the need for a true church today, and how this church is truly Christ's true church restored to the earth today. Though we didn't get out and help many people become converted, I was able to deeply strengthen my conversion and understanding. For that I am grateful.

I also was able to use the time to mail the Long family and have a good conversation with them over the last few days. Though I don't feel like I can count them as lessons due to it being broken up through emails and the lack of a prayer, I do feel like I was able to help Sister Long's understanding. Though they're still suffering through their trails, it seems that she has a slightly happier disposition about live. I also was able to find out that the reason Brother Long stopped being active in his church was because when they got married, Christianity scared Sister Long and he loved her more. Now that she's extremely interested and is reading and praying daily, I think that he has a great potential as well. I sadly haven't been able to talk with him lately, but hopefully we'll be able to drop in one evening and have a good chat with them. It's been wonderful to have the Addington couple working with the Longs as well. The ward has also expressed a desire to help and support in any way they can. The Young Men are hoping to go over and play games with Alex sometime during the week, and the Money family has offered to give them (even if only mom or dad) a ride to church next week. I'm so excited for the Long family! :)

We've also been working with a less active. He was out of town this weekend so he didn't come to church, however (again with the extra time I had) I was able to mail him while he was waiting to do interviews and such with people at the event he was at, and created a good relationship with him. I'm super glad to have been able to do that! I finally feel like I have a pretty good relationship with everyone we're working with now. (I have to admit, sometimes I'm jealous of Elder Nakayama's ability to strike up a friendship right off the bat with anyone, even if I've known them for 9 weeks longer. He's really good at that. :P )
Well anyways, this is getting kind of long, and I REALLY don't have time so I'm going to send it. Hopefully there's not too many spelling errors and jazz like that.

 Hope everyone is doing well!

 -Elder Jeff Mosdell
ジェッフ モスデル

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