Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/2013: "Boy, what a beautiful summer day in... GAH!!! Natural 20 backstab from September!" (>.<)

Howdy everyone, sorry if this is a little scattered today... short on time and dead tired... Plus I'm still recovering from that blasted natural 20 of September's.

 I was so excited to get my transfer call and hear that I'll be staying in Yokosuka for at least another 6 weeks. I love working here, it really is a great area with a lot of great opportunities. Carpe Diem (機会をとらえよ) as some would say. Sadly I think that Elder Nakayama and I still have some work to do as far as being unified on the seizing part. Hopefully we'll work out the kinks quickly.

We've had a super busy week this week. We hadn't even had time to do weekly planning until today after the Japanese Branch's meetings. We came back, made our phone calls, and then started into planning for the coming week. It was weird to actually be planning for a 7 day period, and not for 10 like usual. I really hate doing weekly planning at such a prime time for being out working but it really was the first chance we've had all week. I'm trying to impliment a new method for looking at what investigators need into our weekly planning. Though thus far it's only been somewhat effective, but I think that as we use more we'll figure it out.

I love working with Elder Nakayama, I think he's a great person, but sometimes I really just don't understand him. He tells me he wants me to show more faith in him as a missionary, and yet he doesn't seem to show faith in our investigators when they have a problem come up. Again I love Elder Nakayama, and I'm so glad to get to be working with him. He's given me many chances to learn more about myself and the things I want/need to improve on personality. I just hope I can learn them quick enough to hopefully solve our problems.

I've taken up listening to Jesus the Christ during out Personal time in the evenings now. Greatest idea ever! I've had so many small spiritual moments while listening, and I think I'll be able to finish the book before my mission ends. I just haven't had the time during personal study time to read it, and at night I'm just too tired to try and pick up a book and read... I have a hard enough time trying to write in my journal. :P

We've not heard from Bridger since our first meeting with him. I really hope he's just gotten busy with college and hasn't had time to contact us. He had a lot of potential

We visited with the Nagaii family shortly before heading to another apointment last Friday. They're doing pretty good, though they feel like their son's taking 3 steps forward 2 steps back relative to his physical progress. He is progressing, just every time he progresses a lot I think he over works himself and ends up having to take several days to recoup. As you can imagine, this isn't doing a lot of good for anybody's moral, and mom and dad have become worried that the constant pain and the depression that it brings may be too much for their son. That being said, when their son gets to interact with people from outside of home he gets MUCH happier, (thus the last minute visit). Our solution to his problem, start introducing him to the YMs group. Hopefully we can get him a few new friends that can stop by and cheer him up from time to time.

Step Mom's lesson was an interesting one. We really need to get a native couple to join the lessons with us. The Japanese speaking Americans are a great, great, great help, but I feel like Yukiko would be able to relate so much better if a Japanese sister was there. Also having some native speakers present I think would greatly help her to understand the restoration and other things we talk about... We just need to figure out what times the limited number of priesthood holders we do have in the branch are available.

*sigh* I think that's all for this week. I'm sorry it's so long winded again, though I'm sure many of you don't mind. :P  I've had a lot on my mind, it's hard to stay excited and motivated sometimes when you feel like you're the only one really running the show.

We had a great meeting yesterday morning in Yamate. Sunday marked the anniversary of Japan being opened to missionary work, so the stake met at the site (conveniently on the same hill as the church now stands in Yamate). To sum it up the meeting was for members to recommit to helping with missionary work. Here comes the wave!

I guess that's it for reals now! Have a great week ya'll!

-Elder Jeff Mosdell

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