Monday, September 16, 2013

9/17/13: I turn 21 in in a month!? @_@

Good Morning!

 (written yesterday)

What a beautiful Typhoon day! :D I love Typhoon weather, it's always so interesting to watch. In some ways I wish it was a stronger one today, but I also don't want anybody to be hurt or have property damaged. Nature is so cool though! :) I'm looking forward to the service opportunities that may arise from this storm though. Should be fun!

This last week has been kinda up and down. The start of the week was kind of slow, with lots of appointments canceling. Exchanges with Elder Hill was great, I loved working with him! He's such a happy guy all the time.  I'm excited to possibly be roommates at college with him, but that's still not for awhile so. :) I really enjoyed being in the 4-man apartment as well, and am excited to hear that Yokosuka is on the list to become one (though not sure when). I think working in a 4-man for my last transfer would be awesome! But yeah, we got back from exchanges and I got to meet up with Brother Anderson from my home ward, which was AWESOME! It was so good to see him again, he had lots of advice for both Elder Nakayama and I about working hard to the end. Elder Nakayama and I have been so busy meeting with members and less actives members that we still haven't had time to do a full weekly planning yet. I'm a little upset that we haven't planned for our investigators at all for this coming week. We held a companionship inventory during a companion study, but that's all we've been able to do.

I really want to work hard in Yokosuka for the last 2 months of my mission. I don't know how I'm going go figure Elder Nakayama out, but I know that if I work with the spirit we'll get there eventually. I'm praying for it at least.

-Elder Mosdell

Got to visit with a bishopric member from our home ward!

Elder Hill

Splilts with Elder Scott including pizza and the Testaments.
p.s. I'm sending photos! :D

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