Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Awesome Sunday meetings!

 Elder Mosdell and his companion have had a few bad weeks with some investigators but their patience, hard work and prayer paid off big this week!

"This week we had a couple lessons with (a female investigator) again, and she's doing really well. On Thursday we taught her about the plan of salvation, and she really liked that because it means she has a purpose to work for, and that God loves her enough to create a plan so that she can be happy. :) It was an awesome lesson! On Sunday was the other "lesson" which was technically Sunday School class, but Elder O helped teach about half. Anyways, The lesson was on the Word of Wisdom, and it went pretty well. Unfortunately we weren't able to focus just on her during the lesson, but more on that later. After church I talked with her for a minute about it, and she said that it would be a little hard giving up coffee and tea, but that she would pray about it. She wasn't able to find any information about the Book of Mormon when she searched, and we were able to answer her questions that she had during the lesson on Thursday.

Church was absolutely CRAZY this week. We had 5 investigators come, which is more than double what I've ever had before. We filled the classroom for  the Gospel Principals class, to the point that we had to go on exchanges and I went to a different class so that we could get everyone in the classroom. We were a little spread out, but it all turned out really well. The family that we found a few weeks ago came, and they have a TON of interest in Church. The wife felt the spirit super strong in sacrament meeting, and the husband really liked what he heard, and wants his future kids to grow up learning the traits of the church. I'm super excited for them! We also had another 19 year old come. We met him a few weeks ago, and he was interested in coming and learning about the purpose of life. He was SUPER confused after sacrament meeting, and felt like he shouldn't be at a Christian church, because he knew nothing of what was really going on. I (with the help of a Single Adult from the ward) was able to explain a lot of what was going on, and that as he comes to the other classes everything will start to make more sense. He really enjoyed learning about the Word of Wisdom, and how it helps us to live healthy lives. After church we were able to meet with a man who met the missionaries over a year ago but they never followed up with him after that day. He's been wanted to come and learn about church ever since then. We toured the church with him, and we were able to teach him about prayer as well as set a baptismal date for the 28th of October! I'm amazed at how many miracles we've seen this last Sunday, and I can't wait to see them continue. We'll likely have 6 people at church this next week!"

Look what we found at the import shop next to the train station!

Just to prove it wasn't from a care package. The soda had a label too.

They biked 42km around the border of their area on P-Day. This is the view from one of the tallest hills.

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