Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Splits and Donuts

"Weekly Update:
This week in Tama we were able to go on splits with the District Leader on Tuesday, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun to go to another area and spend time working with a younger and Japanese missionary. This was my first experience with being with any missionary newer than me. It was also nice to get to speak and practice Japanese all day again with a native speaker again.
We had two lessons with (the investigator who thought I hated him) this week, the first one seemed to have gone pretty well, but the second lesson today sadly did not. We asked him to fill out some of the information on the baptismal form, and he didn't feel safe giving his birthday, address, and parental information. We weren't able to convince him that it was safe, and I'm a little worried that he might still have problems with me. I feel really bad if that's the case, because to be honest I've been wanting to help him learn and progress to baptism since I first got here, and I've never said anything hateful about him. Sadly he also told the Bishop (before our lesson) that he was willing to give us the information and fill everything out. The Bishop said that he seemed "very good to go" in the interview, but in our lesson it was the opposite. After talking with the Bishop we decided to stop lessons with him for a few weeks and then start working with him again. I'm really not very happy about having to drop him... but I guess what has to be done has to be done. Meanwhile all we can do is pray for him and follow up once or twice a week.
Sadly we've also not been able to meet with any of our other investigators this week. :\ One investigator has been busy with work and a dog show this week, and was unable to come to church today, but she is still super interested, and reads the Book of Mormon a lot. She's searching for a general history of the Book of Mormon to help her understand it (she's getting through 2 Nephi now). We emailed her today and told her we can get her "Our Search for Happiness", but it sounds like she's also already gotten a hold of some other books. We're just hoping they're of decent quality...
Elder O and the District Leader found a Potential Investigator on Tuesday. When Elder O and I visited on Saturday we were lucky and we were able to teach a short little doctrine at the door to her and her husband. They want to come to church this next week, and she's got a lot of interest in the Book of Mormon and church. Her husband doesn't have much interest, but he's willing to check it out for her. They're a pretty fun, and very bubbly couple, and I think they've got some good potential. :)"

A huge moth, a bit tattered though.

An empty train, maybe Elder Mosdell needs to shower! LOL

A nice sunset in Japan

Wow! Beautiful sunset. What a difference a few minutes makes.
Mmmm donuts!

I'm thinking the donuts were a consolation for having troubles with the first investigator. But they did end the week on a positive note with the new family they met.

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