Monday, September 24, 2012


So a short email and no photos this week. He commented on a few things going on here at home and then supplied this:

"Weekly Update:
This weeks highlights mainly include going on splits. From Tuesday to Wednesday I went to the 4 man Machida area (for the 4th time), this time with my district leader. We housed some brand new houses, and actually had a lot of success finding people for him and his companion to teach. Thursday to Saturday we went on splits, this time I got to stay in Tama while Elder O went to Machida with one of the Zone Leaders. We went to a richer area and tried housing (because it seemed to have worked in Machida earlier that week), but we didn't have any success. We talked with one person on the street that had some interest, but we had to hurry home and spend the rest of Friday evening in the apartment. :\ Sunday was a pretty good day, we had three of the six investigators we were hoping would come to church come, but we had both of our baptismal candidates come so we're very happy with that. We're excited for all of the new investigators we're finding lately, We think we'll have a couple more dates after this week. And that's pretty much it this week, remember that next week is temple week so I'll write on Tuesday!"
Hopefully next week we will get our usual email with more information. We're just glad we get something regularly. He even remembered to remind us about temple week with no prompting from us!

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