Monday, September 3, 2012

Arm Wrestling for Cookies...

"Weekly Update:

 So this week was a little interesting. Elder Oand I taught a lesson on Thursday, and about 10 minutes into our lesson with (the investigator) he stood up, and very angrily stormed out of the church, shouting "Hate you" at me on his way out. We were both in complete shock, because it seemed to be out of no where, and we weren't sure what to do. After trying to call him once we ran outside and jumped on our bikes to chase him down and find out what was wrong. Fortunately for us, most missionaries can bike FAR faster than people in Japan, so we were able to catch up to him as he was going up a hill and flag him down. So yes, we did "chase him down up a hill". :) But anyways, we managed to get everything sorted out, turned out for some reason he had thought that I'd been saying I hate him behind his back, and because I had a slight cold that day I wasn't talking much during the first part of the lesson, which I guess made him feel like I didn't like him so much that I wouldn't even speak to him. In any case though, we got it all worked out and he's back on track for being baptised.
(Another investigator) is doing as good as ever. She's read all the way through the introduction and first Nephi in the Book of Mormon, and is continuing to read and pray about it. She hasn't gotten an answer yet, but things seem to be going good. We were able to finish off the entire first lesson last Thursday, and we'll likely be teaching lesson 2 tomorrow... if we can find someone to join for the lesson... there's now a new rule going into effect in our mission. From this week forward we can't teach a female investigator (or do practice lessons with sisters from the ward) if there's not an 18 or older male there. This makes teaching here a little bit harder.

 On Saturday last week we got our shipment of Book of Mormons at a zone conference. We were almost out of them in our church, and at our apartment, so we ordered 40 (30 Japanese + 10 English)... of course what we forgot to think of when we ordered them was that it's a 30 minute walk from that church to the train station... and 30 Books of Mormon plus my quad and PMG weigh A LOT! >.< but that's OK, I made it back in one piece so. :)
Oh, and at that conference there was an arm wrestling competition for the extra cookies that Sister Budge brought. I won. :) It was kind of fun to have a little rivalry between MMHS and SF (two local high schools) for my first match too (btw the score was 2-0) ;D.
Other than that my week was pretty normal. :) Hope you all enjoy your week!"

Yep, limited news this week and no photos until next week.  Kind of a bummer, but we did get a lot of neat photos last week so I guess we'll forgive the boy this time.  He seems to have a knack for winning extra food, I don't think I'd want to go up against him in an arm wrestling match - I know how that would end!

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