Monday, June 11, 2012

Broken Bike

This week Elder Mosdell had something of a catastrophe with his bike chain jamming while they were in the farthest part of their area.  The chain not only jammed so badly that Jeff had to carry his bike home on his back, but he also had to take it in to the repair shop where it will cost 5000 yen to repair any damage and replace the chain. He seems to be loving his new companion, area, and ward and is glad to be in "one of the best places to spend the summer"

The shirt he was wearing when he carried his bike home. "I managed to wash it out though."

Apparently missionaries leave funny things in their apartments for future missionaries to enjoy. 
Elder Furugen was Elder Mosdell's first district leader.

"This is a stack of ichi-yens (equivalent of a US penny) they're made of aluminum and feel even more worthless than they are.  I've been saving them so I can make a stack in one of my apartments 8) They're wedged in pretty tight."

A photo they took to post for the ward.

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