Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conference and Easter

Elder Mosdell got to listen to General Conference last weekend in English! They went to the Chiba Stake Center to watch it along with all the missionaries in their zone. Elder Mosdell learned so much he said it would take all week to write it down. We're glad to hear it was a meaningful conference for him. On Sunday they had an investigator come to watch General Conference. She had a wonderful experience even though she's shy and having the whole stake together made her a little nervous. They taught several investigators during the week and have two more who want to be baptized.

Spring has arrived. Jeff took these in between conference sessions.

They had a really nasty taifu (typhoon) on Tuesday and it shut down some of the trains due to the high winds. Elder Mosdell and Elder W were on splits with other Elders because Elder W was doing surprise cleaning inspections on missionaries apartments. The taifu stranded them away from their apartment so they ended up spending the night in different apartments. So on Wednesday Elder Mosdell got to go to a district meeting with the Elders he was staying with. Then when Elder W made it back they went to their district meeting.

Jeff will be celebrating Easter on Saturday. He doesn't know why it's not the same day we celebrate and thinks that's a little weird. He misses being with family for Easter and the traditions we have. He asked if we rolled any Easter eggs (one of our fun family traditions). We did that yesterday and took videos that we will be sending him later. Jeff is looking forward to his next package and can hardly wait.

Jeff cooked some fried fish for the first time and the batter didn't stick as well as he hoped. But he's going to try again. They bought a bunch more rice balls at the 7-11 because they were on sale again. They ate them for lunch Saturday and Sunday in between conference sessions. He also tried cooking rice balls since they eat a lot of them. Jeff's rice ball was good, but a little ugly looking he says 8) They weren't quite as good as the ones they bought and he's not sure what to put in the middle of them yet. It nice to see him learning to cook more.

First fried rice ball

Preparing for the coming week

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