Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New companion next week?

Well, it seems that Elder Mosdell is doing fine. They had 5 investigators at church on Sunday and have 3 baptisms tentatively arranged for next Sunday morning. Jeff is still missing chocolate, cheese cake, and crunchy peanut butter so we sent him a box with all of those things and more. From this week's email it looks like they are expecting Elder W to be transferred next week because he has been in Yachio since November. I'm glad we sent a silly gift for him in the package, he has been a good trainer and companion for Jeff over the past 2 1/2 months. Here are a few of this week's photos:

Elder W helping a former investigator move
Monday was temple day again,
here is the Tokyo Temple.

so we can finally have pictures 8)
It looks like they are finished working on the spire

This is photo of how to make an origami shrimp which
 "looks fun" according to Elder Mosdell.

Japanese food stuffs, I recognize mochi ice cream and Fanta Melon soda. 
No clue what the other two things are.

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