Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/19/13: A day at the Zoo

Well, another week down and we actually seem to have started making some real progress again here in Yokosuka. For the last several weeks it's felt like we've been just kind of spinnin' our wheels, but I'm super happy to have had a couple Member Present Lessons, and a New investigator this last week!
A sister from the Tokyo North mission just finished her mission last week, and his visiting with her Father and Step mom here in Yokosuka. She's brought step Mom to church twice now, and we got to teach her a lesson after Gospel Principles. To be honest the lesson its self I felt went pretty poorly. In the end though, I think everything turned out well. Mom felt the spirit, and was happy to pray at the end of the lesson. We'll be meeting with her again next Wednesday, maybe while we're on splits with the APs... (@.@). I'm praying that lesson goes well, and she'll start coming to the Japanese Branch next Sunday on her own (the daughter should have left back down to Nagoya yesterday). I think she has a lot of potential, we just need to make sure we can find members to join with us for the lessons.

But anyways, We also got to meet with the Longs this week for just a short little while. We stopped in with the new Ward Mission Leader and dropped off some cookies (thanks mom :D ) and talked with them about how they were doing as well as how their son's knee is doing. I asked about reading the Book of Mormon and I was super happy to hear that they've been trying, but it's hard for the mom to understand everything she reads. I recommended some scriptures to her that she can read in search for comfort and hope, and also briefly explained how to apply the scriptures to herself. Hopefully we'll be meeting with them this coming week and teaching a full lesson on the subject.

This is kind of a lame update this week, there should be like 3 times as much stuff, but I just don't have time to write it today. It's 10:24 right now and I haven't even had time to reply to anyone yet... Something about my companion checking his email for 2.5-3 hours and not leaving me with any... Hopefully I'll get them written during lunch tomorrow... I'm sorry everyone for not replying sooner. >.<

 I'll have to send all of the photos for this transfer next week... Sorry. >.<...


- Elder Jeff Mosdell

ジェッフ モスデル

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