Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Transfer 9

Hey! It's that time again!  No pictures from this week, but there are a few from last week. :)
(I'll get them up as soon as I can get the technology to play nice)

It was kind of another slow week here, we weren't able to have too many lessons. Got to love the holiday season and everyone being busy right?

Zone/District meeting this week went really well. I feel like everyone's excited to work at achieving the zone goal of always having 2 baptismal dates at all times.

Our district's theme this transfer is Improving and finding through Eikaiwa. I thought it would be a good theme since the Eikaiwa program is starting off on a brand new foot this year. When I brought it up everyone seemed to be excited about growing their Eikaiwa class and learning/sharing their ideas. Another thing that everyone seemed to be really excited about the theme was coming up with new ways to invite people to hear the lessons, since we're no longer requiring a introduction lesson for people to attend. I'm really pleased with how everyone took to the themes this transfer.

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