Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pictures and an update

Here's the latest great news from Elder Mosdell.

"Saturday was a great day, K. was baptised in the morning. What a GREAT experience! It was so neat to get to perform it for her. I thought it was really cool that she got to be the first person I've baptised, and then afterwards I was surprised to find out that I'd be confirming her too! I hadn't planned at all for that, so I was a little nervous, but it went really well. Her mom was super happy, and really felt really touched by the spirit. I think it might have been one of the best baptismal services I've ever attended!"

We asked him if he was now a district leader. His last emails have made it sound like he is, but he's never come right out and said he was called to be a district leader. He was supposed to be when he transferred to his current area (Fussa) but then they rearranged the zone and he never became district leader. Now we get this information :)

"I guess it's been kind of ambiguous for the last few weeks, but I AM a district leader right now. Last transfer (which ended on the 30 of Dec.) Was when I was told I'd be a DL, but then because they rearranged the zone I didn't need to be a DL anymore. This transfer they told me I'd be a DL again. :) So I HAVE been the DL since the beginning of this month, but this transfer should be ending on Feb. 11th so."

Not sure what the "so" means. He may be figuring that he won't be district leader after that transfer, we'll have to ask him about it then or we might not ever find out. :) This was at the end of his email...

"OH HEY LOOK, it's on time for once!!! :D"

I think it applies to this blog as well! Now for a few pictures, though we don't have the latest from this week yet.

Jeff in front of a shrine in their area.

10 Double stuff = 20 times the stuffing, YEAH BABY!... Biggest sugar headache EVER! >.<

雪長老=Yuki Choro= Elder Snow :)
Yeah that's his name tag.

The view from the front of the train on the way to our home station.

K. is the girl in front between her mom and Jeff. 

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