Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well, we have gotten nearly a month behind on updating the blog.
In our defense, there has been more than December's usual amount of crazy stuff happening here at home.  Lets just say that we are down to three dogs (two more than we had in November), I am not working full time anymore, oh, and I finished school.

With all of that said, The boy is doing great, looking good, and seems happy.  He has been very busy and has not been so great at sending photographs this month, he has sent a short email to us every week.  I love this email thing, I would never hear from the kid if he had to put pen to paper for a letter home.  We were able to skype with him on Christmas Eve, he and some other Elders sang Christmas songs in Japanese.  :)

As of our last contact Jeff had not received our Christmas packages, but that was earlier this week.  I'm hoping that he has gotten them by now. 

We received an online Christmas wish from the Japan Tokyo Mission, I'm including the link here for your viewing pleasure
 --------->  Merry Christmas

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