Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well the weekly email from Elder Mosdell was on time, but very short. We wanted to know how things were going in the new apartment and got this reply:

"The new apartment is doing great, a little dis-organized from how crazy things have been... and how sloppy we are :P
I'm glad you've been enjoying getting to tell everyone about me :P I feel a little lame for the lack of photos so far... I really don't think I"ve taken any since I transfered... Oops..."

So no photos for a couple of weeks now. I guess that's not bad considering what most missionaries send home, but we've become accustom to weekly or bi-weekly photos even if it's just a couple of them each time. We are grateful for what we have, especially the fact that he can email each week. If we had to wait for written letters we'd be lucky to get one a month and would probably end up with one every six months! We were also looking at transfer schedules for the next months and realized the next transfer is after Christmas. That means he'll have access to the military base (and the members there) during Christmas! So his only Thanksgiving and Christmas out of country he's in a place where there are lots of U.S. citizens and an English speaking ward. What a lucky, blessed kid! He's putting together a package to send home for Christmas and can use the PO on base to send it at reduced cost compared to sending it using Japan Post.

His weekly update on the work came in a second email.

"I am just amazed at how much faster the weeks fly by now than they did before. I feel like I have less and less time to do more and more things. I'm sorry that this letter is so late...
______ is doing great, she passed her interview and we're making daily contact with her to make sure she's all set for the baptism this coming Sunday. She'll be baptised Sunday afternoon, and she'll be confirmed next Sunday.
This week we weren't able to really do a lot of finding investigators, and we weren't able to teach very many lessons this week, I'm a little confused on how to really work in this area because it's very different from my last two areas. But we've been going through the area book and talking with missionaries that have served here before to get some good ideas of what works."
Sounds pretty typical for being transferred into a new area with a companion who is still new to the mission.

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