Monday, October 7, 2013

10/7/2013: Tomorrow is transfers! :O

Hello everyone,


I'm at a lack of words as to what to write this week, so I'm sorry if it's a bit short.

Interviews were great, I loved getting a chance sit down and talk with President Wada. His incites on Japanese religious experiences were really interesting.

We met with the N. family this last Friday, it was a great lesson. The Ward Mission Leader and his wife came with us. It was such a good experience for the N. family. They really built a good relationship with them. When we left the family seemed to be a lot happier than before. Something was wrong yesterday, but I haven't heard what yet. The Bishop's wife (who is also a close friend of Sister Longs) got a call last night from her. We didn't hear the conversation, but it was good to know that the Long family have member friends who she feels comfortable calling up anytime. Three cheers for wonderful member support/work!

Brother M. has been doing well recently as well. He went with the ward to the ward temple night and did baptisms while everyone else did endowments. It was awesome to see how excited he was about having a temple recommend. One reason he hasn't been at church is because it's hard for him to actually get himself up if he took his pain medication the night before. Yesterday since he didn't wake up for the English Ward, he instead came to the Japanese Branch's sacrament meeting. He enjoyed it, and wishes he could have stayed for the whole thing, but his back started hurting again so he went home. For P-day someday we'll be going to Monkey Island, though next week we'll be at the Oct. Cultural Festival to be held at the church near the Mission Home.

I'm excited to receive transfer calls tomorrow. I'm amazed at how much better Elder N.and I have been getting along the last two weeks, and find it funny that it always seems to be just as you start to really like a companion that transfer calls come. I've loved working in Yokosuka, and truly want to remain here. However, no matter what/who/where the Lord has in mind for me, I'm willing and ready to work hard and do my best for the next 6 weeks.




Elder Jeff Mosdell

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