Sunday, October 13, 2013


I've enjoyed this transfer thus far, there have been many great and wonderful things already. One for example, I got a new companion who's birthday is 2 days away from mine! :O SO COOL! ha ha

When the N. family heard that Elder N. would be transferring they were very sad. Thankfully Elder A. helped us visit them this week before he left so he could bare testimony to them again before he left. It was a great meeting. One of the young men went over and visited their son this week. The two seem to have built a pretty good friendship, which I think will be a strong "selling point" in convincing the N. families son to try and come to church next Sunday. Brother Lewis also visited them Saturday, and had a very good two and a half hour talk with them. Brother Lewis (as well as all of the members that have met with the Ns) feels that they are so prepared. We've decided to extend to them the baptismal invitation again this week, inviting them to be baptized on the 9th of November. I truly think they can and will make this baptismal date. Brother N. is waiting for a confirmation that the church is true for himself, but is having a hard time finding/making time to read the Book of Mormon much. I know that setting a goal for them to progress towards will help them to put forth the full effort needed to receive their answer.

Eric has been doing well recently. He came to the Saturday afternoon and Priesthood sessions, but his back kept him from coming to the Sunday sessions, so he watched them from home instead. The doctors finally found the source of his pain, he has a herniated disk. (>.<) He doesn't know when yet, but sometime in the coming weeks he'll be going down to Okinawa to have surgery. He's planning to go with us tomorrow to the October Cultural Festival in Kichijoji. He's also introduced us to his friend, who he'd like to bring to church sometime.

It's been a long time since we've meet with (our sister), but I called her today and set up a tentative plan for a lesson on Thursday. She's not been progressing very well, so I'm a little worried about this weeks lesson. I think she really needs to have a Japanese Sister there at the lesson in order for her to 1. understand, and 2. to have someone to relate with. If we can find a couple to take than I think that she will have a much better chance of progressing once again.

I'm so excited to work hard with Elder S. my last transfer here in Yokosuka. He's an awesome Elder, and is very excited about working hard. I was impressed today when he was able to contact 6 people during an hour of handing out English class flyers, even though he felt ill. He's feeling better now though.

Brother L. explained to me today that the a missionaries last transfer really sets a trajectory for the missionaries life. I couldn't explain it the same way he did in an email, but I completely believe him. I have to admit that Brother L. really is a huge role model for me. Great, great member, who sets an excellent example for the other members in the ward. (plus he's an awesome math teacher at the High school! :D )

Thank you for all that you do!


Elder Jeff Mosdell

ジェッフ モスデル

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