Thursday, August 23, 2012

Splits, Investigators, Food

Oh wow! This week has been a wild one.  To start things off it was Temple week for our missionary, so email was a day late.  It also happened to be the first week of school for the rest of us, so we are more than a little bit behind with the post for the week.  Sorry about that!

Weekly update:

"On Tuesday we went on splits, and I went with Elder H. again (like last transfer). Since I can't remember if I've mentioned him yet or not I'll just pretended i haven't. Elder H. is also on transfer 5, and he was my zone leader in the MTC. It was a really fun day with him, and we taught a lesson to Mr. Y.. In that lesson we committed him to be baptised on the 15th of next month. He feels like the end of the world is coming up soon, so he feels a little more committed to making the baptismal date happen.

On Thursday we spent most of the day purging the phone of all the old names and numbers that we have no idea who they are. We wrote them all down as Potential Investigators, and actually called one on Friday and asked if he'd like to meet with us on Saturday. We got to meet with him and some other Potential Investigators, along with some of the youth and played ping pong. Everyone had a lot of fun..

Sunday we had another lesson with Y., we've made a teaching schedule for him, since he's been taught everything we're just going to go down the baptismal interview questions with him, and then spend a few lessons helping him with the things he has problems with.

We also found a new investigator housing on Sunday. At first when the person opened the door I started with just simply explaining that we were missionaries, and that we were from a near by church. After that though I hardly remember what I said to him, just that I was able to talk about what we believe about God and that by coming to church we can receive answers to how to find personal happiness. He was interested in coming to church next week and learning about what church has to offer. I was so surprised at my Japanese, because I've never been able to just hold a conversation like that. I'm way excited see him next week at church, and that my Japanese is really coming along.

Yesterday (Monday) We went to our last district meeting this transfer, and then out to Indian style curry. It's pretty good, and the bread (called nan) was all you could eat. :) So we had a good time."

Photos for the week include:
A golden carp

A beautiful sunset

Hachioji district August 2012

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