Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All Mission Conference and District hike

Not only did we get an email from our Elder, but we also got an email from another missionary mom whose son had been on splits with ours.  She wanted to let us know what her son had said about Elder Mosdell being "a hard worker and a great guy to be with"  That's always nice to hear!  I also want to remind everyone that next week will be Temple week and the following week will be transfers- emails and posts for both weeks will probably be late!

In our email from Elder Mosdell this week we got this weekly update:

"I'm really excited for the changes that are happening in our mission right now. I LOVED the conference on Friday. Even though it was rather long (9am to 5pm), I felt like it was the most effective taikai (conference) I've been to.
August 2012 Mission conference photo from the mission blog
Elder Mosdell is in the front center of the group
Sunday we had a talk with our Bishop about what exactly he wants to happen while we're in Tama, and I felt like it was extremely effective to have done that. He told us about the things he feels are prohibiting Tama ward from growing, and we agreed on what needs to change. From here out we're going to be working hand in hand with the Bishop here in Tama, just like it should be.

One sad thing that happened this last week was at the taikai we listened to the missionaries that were returning within the next 12 weeks... Elder W. (My trainer) is among the missionaries, and it was kind of sad for me to think that I'm not going to get to see him around the mission anymore. I LOVED his testimony though, it was super helpful to me (as has everything he's said) among my favorite lines was "God doesn't create junk." He talked about drawing confidence from the fact that we're sons and daughters of the Almighty God, and that we have the potential to become like him.
Today (Monday) We hiked Mt. Takao as a district... Elder O. and I had this idea that it would be a lot of fun if we biked to the base of the mountain to save on funds, and so that we can bike past Takao Church, thus being able to say that we've biked to every church in our District... Here's an estimate on the distances; From Tama Center to Takaosanguchi (the base of the mountain) by bike was about 17km, then a 4km hike up the mountain, followed by the return trip of 4km and 17km... Grand total is 34km roughly by bike, and something like 8-10km hike. We're WAY tired right now >.< but it was fun.  I've got a few photos I'll post today, but I've got a ton that I'll get from the other Elders that went with us, and I'll post them up next week."

He sent a lot of pictures this week!

"This is Takaosanguchi station... Those are our bikes... we rode them... Yeah..."

Elders in the district hiking Mt. Takao.  Yes, that is my barefoot son who they called "Hobbit" a lot that day.

Elders.  Again Jeff is barefoot. "I hiked the whole mountain that way."

Elder O., Jeff's companion

The life story of Budda (1)

The life story of Budda (2)

The life story of Budda (3)

The life story of Budda (4)

"Look how big this thing is! Whoa!"
"Pretty cool little guy, way fast too."

A beautiful panoramic of the view from Mt Takao "No clouds this time"

Mt. Fuji

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