Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moving forward

I didn't post last week so I feel like I should post something this week even though there isn't much to tell right now.   Here you go, a simple excuse for not having anything new to tell.

Jeff is working on loose ends while the rest of us are scrambling to pull the fall band tour together and make it happen this week (no joke, this thing has been falling apart from day one).

The older girls are extremely busy with concerts and things, Anna is trying to survive the constant tornado that seems to have taken up residence at our house, I am tired and just a little bit grouchy (that may qualify as an understatement), and  Leighn is taking it all in stride and plugging through the chaos.

The main goal for this week is to sort out the driver license stuff for Jeff and to go out and back with the band with out any more crisis situations. 

Well, with all that said, I'm off to bed so that I can start the day off with an early parent teacher conference, pack for tour, and hopefully get the dog bathed and a hair cut.  For now I'm just going to bed though.

Oh, I almost forgot, Missionary Mall finally got the umbrella in.  Going to pick it up tomorrow, for the third time.  Wish us luck.

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