Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few family photos and stuff

There are still 5 weeks to go before Jeff is out of here and starting his grand adventure.  I placed an order last week for some things at Missionary Mall, I must say that I have not been thrilled with their online order system.  There was no indication as to when my order would be ready for pick up so I sent Leighn in to check on it the day I ordered.  He was told that it would take about 24 hours to prepare the order (14 pairs of socks, a belt and an umbrella) and that they would call us when the order was ready.  Today, a full week later, I received a call announcing that our order was ready for pick up so I sent Leighn after it on his way home.  Of course when Leighn got there no one in the store had any idea where our order might be.  Leighn came home with the socks but no belt and no umbrella.  Did I mention that our account has been billed for the items which we don't have?  Long story short, I am much more impressed with our experience at Mr Mac where we purchased the majority of the things Jeff needed for his mission, scheduled alterations for those things that needed them and picked EVERYTHING up on the agreed date, no problem. 

Yeah. OK, rant over.

So anyway, we took the kids and tortured them up the canyon on Sunday while we listened to conference.  Taking family pics is always such a joy, except when you want to get a serious, nice family photo.  My understanding is that we took over 800 photos (thank goodness for digital cameras!) and we managed to come out of it with a whopping 3 nice family shots.  Of course there are several shots of the kids that are nice, and some nature photos that got into the mix somehow, as well as a few OK(ish) photos of Leighn and myself. 

We are debating which photo to print and hang on the wall, I'd post them here so you could give us your opinion, but the server is down tonight (major home server upgrade happening as I type) so I can't access the photos right now.  Keep your eyes peeled for an additional post later this week, we'd love some additional input!

(I have been informed that we took 250 photos, not 800+, who knows where my brain got that number!)

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