Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still no word on the date Jeff will be speaking.  Last weekend was stake conference and things got shaken up a bit.  Our stake presidency was released and replaced, in the new presidency is our bishop and our home teacher as 2nd and 1st counselors (in that order).  Needless to say our ward is in for a bit of a shake up.  Amidst the chaos the importance of getting us a confirmed speaking date seems to have diminished.  While I am not surprised or at all upset about the situation it would be nice to be able to give family members and friends who want/need to make travel arrangements a firm date.  I guess my point here is to ask you for your patience with the information while we sort all of this crazy stuff out.

In other news --  Jeff's friend Justin received his call yesterday! YAY! For those of you who know Justin he will be serving in the Tallahassee, Florida mission.  If I'm not mistaken that is where Jeff's Grandpa Mosdell served his mission.  Small world eh? 

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